Alexia Nicol

Alexia has been qualified as a solicitor since 2003 and achieved her Higher Rights of Audience in 2009.  Since that date, she has widened her practice and now appears almost exclusively as a Crown Court Advocate undertaking jury trials and all other hearings.  She also appears at the Court of Appeal when required.

She represents clients facing the full spectrum of criminal offences including serious sexual, violent and drug related matters alongside financial crime and dishonesty offences.

Alexia has exceptional client care skills and gains the trust and confidence of her clients at an early stage.  She represents all clients without judgement and is experienced in dealing with matters sensitively but robustly.  She is a skilful advocate and particularly enjoys a speech to the jury!

Alexia is also a qualified Duty Solicitor which enables her to maintain her knowledge and experience of the Police Station and Magistrates Courts which gives her a unique insight into the process a client has been through and can use that to their advantage in the Crown Court.

Please see below for a selection of Alexia’s cases since joining Bullivant Law in 2016:

Violence and Weapons Offences

R v AC - Murder (ongoing) - Central Criminal Court, trial 2024

R v JA – Manslaughter (ongoing) – Central Criminal Court – trial 2024

R v F - Snaresbrook Crown Court – assault using a knife in the context of a coercive and controlling relationship 2023

R v H - Inner London Crown Court – Attempted Murder of passenger of a platform in front of an oncoming tube, plea on day of trial, 2023

R v C - Central Criminal Court, Murder, identifying dismissal argument, Crown persuaded to offer no evidence 2023

R v A – Central Criminal Court - Attempted Murder charge, negotiated section 20 GBH, hospital order imposed, 2021

R v G – Wood Green Court Court multi-handed - Section 18 GBH, stabbing incident 2022

R v D - Kingston Crown Court – multi-handed false imprisonment and Section 18, torture case 2021

R v A - Southwark Crown Court – Section 18, stab wound to the head 2021

R v C - Inner London Crown Court sitting at the RCJ, assault on a Transport Worker, 2021

R v L - Inner London Crown Court, Manslaughter, one push and death following coma 2020

R v T - Snaresbrook Crown Court – Assault, Rape and False Imprisonment 2020

R v BF - Manslaughter - Junior Counsel at the Central Criminal Court, multi-handed 2017


Drug Offences

R v C – Snaresbrook Crown Court – PWITS case, originally multi-handed with firearm charges which were dropped following listing for Dismissal.  Trial on drugs matters. 2023

R v P – Inner London Crown Court – PWITS and Possessing Criminal Property 2019


Sexual Offences

R v K - Wood Green Crown Court – rape case involving Sexomnia as a possible defence 2023

R v T -Southwark Crown Court – rape case with vulnerable client 2022

R v D - Croydon Crown Court – sexual assault by penetration of a child (Section 28 case) 2022

R v C-S - Inner London Crown Court – sexual assault by a tube driver on a passenger 2021

R v O - Inner London Crown Court – assault by penetration of  a child 2021

R v R - Snaresbrook Crown Court (sitting at a Nightingale Court) rape and GBH of a sex worker 2020


Financial offences

R v MK – Sheffield Crown Court – Conspiracy to Defraud – Trial in 2024

R v LB - Southwark Crown Court – Transferring and Possessing Criminal Property 2022

R v EA - Inner London Crown Court – Perverting the Course of Justice (re fraud) 2022

R v AC - Inner London Crown Court – Possessing Criminal Property, 2020

R v AV - Lewes Crown Court – Conspiracy to Supply Class A drugs with contested POCA 2019

R v P – Inner London Crown Court – PWITS and Possessing Criminal Property with contested POCA 2019

R v SD -  Inner London Crown Court – Conspiracy to receive stolen goods/ money laundering 2018