Arrest/Police Interview

Anyone suspected of committing an offence can be arrested. Once arrested they must be taken to a police station within a reasonable amount of time, and the police then have 24 hours to interview/decide how to proceed. This time can be extended under certain circumstances.

While at the police station the arrested person has the right to free and independent legal advice, free of charge, over the phone and in person.

Any interview with a suspect will be taped, and if the matter goes to Court, a copy can be used in evidence of what the arrested person said.

After the interview the police can either:

  1. Charge the person with an offence, and either bail the person to attend Court on another day or refuse bail, and take them to Court as soon as possible (normally the same day or the following day).

  2. Release the person and take no further action (referred to as NFA).

  3. Release that person and bail him/her to return to a police station at a later date for further enquiries (referred to as BTR).

Legal Advice and support inside the police stations stage is free of charge to the client and has to be funded by the Government.