You don’t have to be notorious to need specialist advice and representation when facing extradition proceedings.

Bullivant Law specialises in fighting requests for Extradition, and keeping our clients updated on their case so they understand what is happening and be able to make informed decisions on how their case progresses.

Under The Extradition Act a European Union country need not provide any evidence whatsoever of the offence alleged against you, but there are means to counter even European extradition requests. Whether you face an extradition request from within Europe or further afield, time is of the essence. It is vital that you seek specialist legal advice quickly.

At Bullivant Law, a central London firm close to the City of Westminster Magistrates Court where all extradition requests are dealt with, we have a team of experienced extradition lawyers working closely with a range of experts who can provide evidence to support your fight against extradition.

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