Drugs Offences

Over the years our lawyers have been involved in some of the largest drugs cases in this country whether its concerning the production, importation or supply of drugs – often measured by the tonnes. We also act for those at the bottom end of the supply chain who are prosecuted as users.

Whether you are an innocent person wrongly accused of involvement with drugs or genuinely involved but in extenuating circumstances, we can help you present your case. Our lawyers have years of experience and a wide range of experts are on hand to assist with the interrogation of telephone evidence, the testing and analysing forensic evidence and the provision of scientific know how.

The law in relation to drugs is not just about possession of them but a difference is made to outcomes by factors such as drug purity/ role of defendant/the profits made/ was it financial or social supply/scale of activities.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the types of cases concerning drugs where we routinely appear:

  • Being knowingly concerned in the importation of drugs

  • Conspiracy to cultivate drugs

  • Conspiracy to import/supply controlled drugs

  • Possession of controlled Drugs

  • Possession of controlled drugs with intent to supply

  • Running a ‘crack’ house


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