We can act for you under legal if aid if you are eligible and wish to be so represented or privately.

We are proud to act under the legal aid scheme where possible in order to uphold the rights of anyone accused of a criminal offence.

We can offer a fixed fee service where it is appropriate to do so and where Legal aid funding is not available.

Where it is not possible to offer a fixed fee due to the circumstances of the case then we are able to offer a service based on private charging rates depending upon the grade of lawyer assigned to the case.

Please note that in court proceedings that commence as of 1st October 2012 by virtue of an Act of Parliament, if you are charged and are eligible for legal laid but pay for your costs privately and you are either acquitted or the case does not proceed, then you will not be able to recover your legal costs if. If you are represented under legal aid and have to pay contributions then they will be returned in the event of your acquittal.