About Us

We are Solicitors and Advocates specialising in criminal law and are based in the City of London, in the heart of the Square Mile and the UK’s financial sector. We advise and act for individuals and corporate clients when they are accused of committing a crime by law enforcement agencies (such as the Police, HMRC, SFO, Trading Standards and even foreign governments). As a firm we specialise in criminal defence, and offer a quality service to our clients.

Not only are we one of the larger criminal law specialist firms, we also have a team from very diverse backgrounds, including people who have previously worked for the Crown Prosecution Service, the police and the armed forces. This means we can consider our cases from every angle, and we can therefore bring to bear an all-round perspective on the cases we handle and provide quality advice.

Our work encompasses advocacy in all criminal courts (including leading advocacy briefs in the Crown Court) as well as the necessary preparatory litigation work.

We act in all type of criminal cases for clients from every background and are often instructed by other firms of solicitors to act as advocates in serious cases such as complex specialist fraud cases. Being an integrated team that can provide all services from in-house resources, we can truly offer a one-stop service from the police station all the way to the Supreme Court.

Our lawyers even train other lawyers.

We also specialize in Extradition Law, Road Traffic Law and Firearms licensing law – three areas where the hearings are usually held in Criminal Courts.

Being a high quality specialist defence law service specialising in Criminal law defence we regularly work with qualified experts in many other professional fields that can assist our clients, such as medical consultants, physical injury analysts, forensic practitioners and Queens Counsel when required.

We are proud to act under the legal aid scheme where possible in order to uphold the rights of anyone accused of a criminal offence. We can offer a fixed fee service where it is appropriate to do so. See our Funding page.