Complex Fraud

NB: most lawyers will tell you that fraud is complex. This is not necessarily so. Despite the presence of large documentary trails that cloud many a mind, most fraud is simple at its core, and what is at issue is whether the prosecution can prove dishonesty.

Where it is prudent to do so, we practice ‘active defence’ in the client’s interest.

We possess the relevant resources and experience and to defend any fraud case in the country. Where necessary we co-ordinate forensic accountants, telephony and computer data analysts and any other experts needed to promote the client’s defence.

We have acted in substantial high profile cases over the years in the UK jurisdiction as well as those in which alleged criminality spanned foreign jurisdictions

We have for many years conducted complex cases concerning the following:

  • Advance Fee Fraud

  • Banking Fraud

  • Benefit Fraud

  • ‘Boiler Room’ Fraud

  • Carousel Fraud/MTIC Fraud

  • Carbon trading Fraud

  • Computer Fraud

  • Conspiracy to Defraud

  • Construction Industry fraud

  • Counterfeiting

  • Credit Card Fraud

  • Diversion Frauds [concerning single EU Market abuse]

  • False Accounting

  • Fraud by Representations

  • Fraudulent Trading

  • Hydrocarbon Fraud

  • Identity Fraud

  • Income Tax fraud

  • Insurance Fraud

  • Land bank fraud

  • Money Laundering

  • Mortgage Fraud

  • Pension Fraud

  • ‘Ponzi’/Fraudulent Investment Schemes

  • Tax Fraud

  • VAT Fraud


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