Police Station


How much will it cost for Representation at the Police Station?

Each individual is entitled to free legal advice and assistance at the police station on arrest

  • You are entitled to consult a solicitor at any time while you are held in custody, this is free of charge to you.


How do I contact you?

  • Our office number will connect to a representative from our firm 24 hours per day, every day of the year:
    Office Hours 0207 556 1035 (9.15am – 5.30pm Mon- Fri)
    Out of Hours 0207 556 1034


If we are contacted whilst you are in custody

  • We always aim to be at the police station in no more than 45 minutes from being contacted and informed that the police are ready to interview you on tape – and often in less time.

  • The way the police contact us has changed, and they have to dial a call centre first. If the police tell you it is only possible to have the duty solicitor –this is not true. The police should give the call centre our details as shown on the card, and we will then be notified


What happens after I have been arrested, interviewed & bailed-to-return?

  • A file will be created for you in our office. We will then contact the Officer in charge throughout your investigation for progress updates on your case.

  • Before each bail to return date we will contact the Officer to advise us how they will be proceeding. Should we be made aware of what will be happening in advance this will be relayed to you and we will of course instruct a representative of Bullivant Law to attend the Police Station with you.