Serious Sexual Offences

In our considerable experience allegations of sexual assault or rape are made for a variety of complex and often deeply personal reasons. They are especially distressing to those accused and their friends and family, destroying families, careers and reputations.

Those suspected of sexual wrong doing are often incarcerated on what appears to be simply the word of one person and although every person accused of a crime in this country is innocent until proved guilty, the defence of those suspected of sexual offences often requires particularly detailed investigation and preparation.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the types of cases where we routinely appear

  • Abuse of a position of trust

  • Arranging or facilitating commission of a child sex offence

  • Care workers: specific offences

  • Causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent

  • Causing or inciting a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity

  • Causing or inciting child prostitution or pornography

  • Controlling prostitution for gain

  • Committing an act outraging public decency

  • Exposure

  • Keeping a disorderly house

  • Paying for the sexual services

  • Persistently Loitering or soliciting for prostitution in a public place

  • Rape

  • Sexual assault

  • Sexual activity with children

  • Sexual grooming

  • Sexual activity with a person with a mental disorder

  • Trafficking into/within/out of the Uk for sexual exploitation

  • Voyeurism


Our team of specialists have years of experience in dealing with the full range of sexual assault and rape allegations. We utilise a wide range of medical and forensic experts to explore alleged injury, contact and the often complex background to a case in order to Defend each of our client’s against these damaging allegations.

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