Police Station Representation

Bullivant Law assists thousands of people each year when they contact us after they have been arrested.

We run a 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year service available to all held in police custody.

When inside a police station, a detained person is interviewed on tape. It is very important to have legal representation when this happens. When you have a legal representative on your side inside the police station then that representative will be given disclosure by the police as to what the case is about and an indication of the nature of the evidence. The police tend not to do this when a suspect is unrepresented. Our legal representative will ensure that you are not bullied or otherwise mistreated and are treated with respect and your rights are upheld.

Representation inside a police station is free of charge to the suspect and funded by an independent agency: The Legal Services Commission under the Legal aid scheme.

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